FemmeProjects begins a new cycle of information! 

Why do we still shy away from talking about menstruating? Are we ashamed? Are we shy? Can you believe that in 2018, many of us are still embarrassed about our monthly cycle? Well, FemmeProjects is breaking the silence. It’s time to debunk the myths, to speak clearly and proudly about our cycles. With its new campaign, FemmeProjects aims to open a space for free discussion and the sharing of experiences. The organisation wants to create an opportunity to share their wisdom with, and to learn from, young people who are coming of age.

Cycles, in a nutshell, is a campaign to tell menstruating people that it is okay to talk about it; that it is okay to ask questions and seek answers and that is okay to own body, your reproductive system, your sexuality and your life.

FemmeProjects has worked with more than 4000 learners from under-resourced schools in the Western Cape, and has provided mentorship to high schools located in urban and rural areas. The NGO continues to provide comprehensive sexual education.

Co-founder of FemmeProjects Kim Windvogel says, "We have learnt that parents and adults often refuse to talk about sexuality with children because they fear that they will encourage ‘sinful’ behavior. In fact we should be encouraging engagement on this subject so that our children are informed and with this information they have agency over their sexual and reproductive health"

In addition to inviting people to share their personal stories about menstruating, FemmeProjects has invited artists and designers to create art and products for the campaign. These will be on sale and proceeds will go towards FemmeProjects’ Cycles fund to educate learners about sex and menstruation; and to provide young learners with hygienic bodily care.

The campaign photographs and features South African celebrities and connectors including KFM breakfast presenters Sherlin Barends, ELLE digital content manager Palesa Kgasane, South African actress Denise Newman and visual artist Lady Skollie, who designed an exclusive T-shirt celebrating the vulva for this campaign. This will be for sale once the campaign commences on the 28th of May 2018. FemmeProjects aims to grow awareness around the importance of Comprehensive Sexual & Menstrual Education in South Africa and the world.

The shop will be live on the 28th of May.

Stay tuned to get your exclusive T-shirt and products.

Proceeds of each sale will assist young learners to be well-informed about their bodies and their Sexual & Reproductive Health & Rights.

Designers who will be gracing our Cycles shop!

Lady Skollie

"Lady Skollie was born in 1987 in Cape Town, South Africa. She currently lives and works in Johannesburg, South Africa. The artist uses ink, watercolour and crayon to create playfully sexual paintings, filled with bright colours, symbolic fruit, and all the joy and darkness of the erotic. Her work is simultaneously bold and vulnerable, expressing the duality of human sexuality. She is passionate about defying taboos and talking openly about issues of sex, pleasure, consent, human connection, violence, and abuse."

Why is Comprehensive Sexual & Menstrual Education important to them?

"because we live in a country where abusers, people in positions of power, people looking to hurt us... thrive on us being uneducated. Proper Sexual Education where we are aware of our rights and our voice can mean liberation."

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Instagram: Lady Skollie

Twitter: Lady Skollie

Facebook: Lady Skollie

Boudoir Box 

Boudoir Box is a unique pamper box that caters to women of various sizes and that pairs two pieces of handmade, designer lingerie – or knickers (sizes 6 to 22) – with three locally-made beauty products. It comfortably boasts itself as being the perfect pamper treat for oneself, a friend or a partner.
Following a seven-year tenure in the corporate industry that ended due to retrenchment, Tarryn Abrahams entered entrepreneurship as a leather-smith. Soon, she found herself on the verge of giving into the hardships of entrepreneurship, until an act of affection inspired her to create a striking business with business partner, Leila.
We want women to embrace their femininity through an aspect of sensuality and beauty. We will box it and deliver it. For yourself or another. Your experience at your convenience.. We don’t walk this path alone. We have extended the invitation, to empower local women in the business of beauty care, by featuring their products alongside our designer intimates. We truly hope that all that all we have set out for you to experience through our product is exactly so. Share your experience with us and stand a chance to be featured on our platforms.

Why is Comprehensive Sexual & Menstrual Education imprtant to them?

"We want to see a future where all people are treated equally in society  regardless of their gender and sexual orientation. I believe in removing the stigmas and taboos plaguing our communities so that our loved ones can flourish in a place where they protected and respected."

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Instagram: boudoirboxsa
Twitter: BBoxsa
Facebook: boudoirboxsa

Janine Binneman Jewellery

Janine and her team create exquisite one-of-a-kind precious stone pieces, from engagement rings to occasion jewellery and classic must-haves for men and women.

Janine also has an ever-changing range of ready to wear items. These on-trend capsule ranges are released once a year, reflecting where she is as a designer and they have helped cement her reputation as one of South Africa’s best small-studio creatives.

Janine’s work has been featured in numerous local and international magazines and publications including British Vogue and in 2014 Janine Binneman Jewellery appeared in the official Louis Vuitton Cape Town Shopping Guide as a name to note.

Her outstanding service ethic, professional gemmology and jewellery manufacturing ability, vast knowledge and a passion for her craft ensures Janine is regarded as one of the best in her industry.

Says Janine, “I know just how personal the process of committing to a piece of jewellery is and whether you meet with me in my Cape Town studio, at your home or simply over the internet – I will assist you each step of the way, considering your financial means, until you have your ideal piece.”

Why is Comprehensive Sexual & Menstrual Education important to them?

"We need to know our bodies and how they work, this we can then share with our tribe. The more we talk about previously taboo subjects, the more we normalise them. Menstruation and sexual health should be something we grow up with, not only to be discussed when we reach puberty. I’m hoping that this and other similar projects will change the way my girls experience the world and their femme tribe"

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Instagram: JanineBinnemanJewelleryDesign

Twitter: JanineJewellery

Facebook: JanineBinnemanJewellery


The Kwaai Gallery, Traci Kwaai

"Kwaai is Capetonian for Cool. (The Cool Gallery)
The Space was curated and is the vision of Traci Kwaai, a creative born and raised in Kalk Bay, Cape Town where the shop is situated. The space showcases and sells the works of local designers, artists and crafters and the works of Traci herself.
The shop is a local gem, carefully tucked away up one of `Kalk Bays many alleyways which locals and tourists love to explore. Traci Kwaai is currently a creative and owner and curator of the The Kwaai Gallery and Pins with a Purpose.  I am am a qualified ELC teacher and am energised by conversations about equal rights and education and normalising sexuality, menstruation, race and culture hence my creation of Pins with a purpose, I get to be creative and start conversations at the same time.

Why is Comprehensive Sexual & Menstrual Education important to them?

"Growing up with foster parents who were old meant that my experience of my body was one of shame and pain something a was not allowed to talk about…complete taboo. 
Feeling pain and staying home from school every month was the norm for me, I felt very isolated as I was unable to talk to anyone.
So many girls feel the same way and education around these issues would make such a difference to their well being." 

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Facebook: thekwaaigallery 
Instagram: thekwaaigallery
Twitter: kwaaigallery


"RUBY was born in 2001 from a Masters thesis in Sustainable Development. Robyn Lidsky, the designer, founder and owner of Ruby completed her thesis for the Political Studies Department at the University of Cape Town. The thesis was about the various models available for organising unemployed women with traditional skills to create fashion-forward products for a global market.
Taking the learnings from her thesis, and insights into the local fashion industry, Robyn launched the RUBY Beading Circle in 2002. These previously unemployed women are still working for RUBY from their homes (which allows them flexibility), or at a house in their immediate neighbourhood that RUBY bought for the Beading Circle and their head beader, Andita Shaweni. 
RUBY's income generation model has been successful in contributing to many households over the past 15 years and we are proud to say that we have enabled financial upliftment through job creation for people that have needed it most.
RUBYs signature designer Jewellery collections weave traditional skills together with contemporary trends using only high quality raw materials, thereby creating a unique and original product line that blends heritage with global fashion trends. 
Over the years we have expanded our production partners to include metal workers and engravers who hand-cut our intricate designs, highly skilled wire-workers and silversmiths. All of our production partners are local micro enterprises and Ruby is grateful to be given an opportunity to support them and to help grow our local economy through job creation, community upliftment, skills development and empowerment."

Why is Comprehensive Sexual & Menstrual Education improtant to them?

"It is important because for many young women in our communities it is a time when they are most vulnerable. This vulnerability is compromised because they are not able to go to school during this time, thus they further jeopardise their chances of breaking out of cycles of disempowerment. i believe this campaign aims to correct this imbalance.
Conversations around our cycles also connects us to each other, to ancient wisdom and to the Earth. The lunar and menstrual cycles are so deeply connected but little spoken about. This campaign aims to reclaim our feminine identity and matriarchal patterns at a time when the modern industrial complex has so broken and disconnected our roots to ancient maternal wisdom.  
The fashion industry has helped to carve out an unrealistic expectation as to how women (and men) should be framed. Our bodies have been objectified to such an extent that many women have been completely robbed of their confidence. The idea of beauty needs to be redefined to be based on authentic feminine power. I believe that conversations around our cycles can seed this power and provide a voice to counter these manufactured perceptions.”

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Facebook: rubycapetown
Twitter: RubyCapeTown
Instagram: rubycapetown

If you are a designer and want to be added to our shop, send us an email at femmeprojects@gmail.com!